Perfection In Asana

Perfection In Asana

In Mysore, I asked Sharath what he meant by perfection in asana. He answered, and I paraphrase, that perfection was being able to dissolve yourself in the asana. Being one with it. He said that sometimes, “he” is just gone. He doesn’t know where “he” is.

When we practice, we are not looking for a certain look to an asana. We are looking for a certain quality. As Claire Pip Cullipher spoke of so beautifully today, the quality is ease. It is in that ease that we can dissolve the self created story of “I” and just be.

Ease does not mean that each pose looks like a Yoga Journal photograph. It doesn’t even mean that the pose is easy!! Ease is seen in the full complete breath. It is in the serene look on the face. It is seen in the soft but steady gaze towards the drishti. It is seen in the compassionate receptive energy.

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