Living Ashtanga: And Now Yoga

Living Ashtanga: And Now Yoga

“Now, it is time for instruction on Yoga”- Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1:1

The Sanskrit word being used for “instruction” is “anusasanam”. This word is used when a methodology is being taught. The philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga is based on the Yoga Sutras which were¬†written around 900CE. However, Yoga philosophy, like all ancient philosophy started out as an oral tradition and is older then the first written text. When you practice Ashtanga, you are embarking on a time tested path. All the emotions and road blocks you are having or may come up against, someone else has felt those same emotions also. The Yogis knew that we would have obstacles and that we would falter along the way. The methodology was introduced to help us traverse the rocky path of life with equanimity.

By Shanna Small

All Pictures by Wanda Koch Photography

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