Don’t Make the Ego Perfect!

Don’t Make the Ego Perfect!

 By Mara Healy

Modern-day sage Gregor Maehle states: “When we make the body perfect, we make nothing but the ego perfect.”

As the asanas become more complex in yoga practice, one’s mind learns better how to adapt to and manage the challenging circumstances of life. Any physical depth or asana complexity should be CONSCIOUSLY LINKED to the mind’s ability to be cool and gracefully composed.

HENCE, PHYSICAL DEPTH IS NOT THE POINT OF THE POSTURES! Mental detachment (vairagya) is the ultimate mission.

Once the mind is RELIABLY TRAINED to be unbound by the physical, then asana complexity should have a LESS POWERFUL ATTRACTION in your practice. The mind itself will eventually train the mind and the employment of less physical energy will be a new goal.

You will THEN feel greater internal power, your asana practice will become more EFFICIENT and your TRANQUIL STATE will be less and less tied to asana practice at all. You will be able to access deeper and deeper levels of training through the avenue of the MIND ITSELF and drop your focus on the body more and more.

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