Class Style

 Mysore Style (All Levels)

The ‘Mysore Style’ method is named after the city where Pattabhi Jois established his school for Ashtanga, Mysore, India.

In a Mysore style class, the teacher teaches each student the practice individually pose by pose. You will get all the help you need. The sequence is tailored around your practice level and abilities.

Guided/Led Full Primary (Mysore Experience Suggested)

Guided Full Primary is a high energy Vinyasa class that will challenge your stamina and teach you the art of flowing Ashtanga style.  Some Mysore style experience is recommended.

Ashtanga 101 (All Levels)

Ashtanga 101 is half of the Ashtanga Primary Sequence and is a bridge between the one on one instruction of Mysore style and the brisk, sweat inducing power of the Ashtanga Guided class. It is appropriate for all levels and requires no previous knowledge of Ashtanga.

Yoga Talks (All Levels)

Yoga Talks is an interactive discussion on the philosophy of Yoga.