Asana Practice Making You Feel Inadequate?

Asana Practice Making You Feel Inadequate?

How to be a Yogi when your asana practice makes you feel INADEQUATE…..

It’s all too easy to celebrate the physical attainments in your practice BUT then feel defeated when you fail in repeated attempts. It’s easy to practice when your body feels light, but hard to show up to your mat when you feel yucky because of cold weather, not enough rest or because you ate something super yummy that you don’t usually have. Remember, ASANAS ARE NOT GOALS – they are simply the ever-changing circumstances of practice. A REALLY IMPORTANT PART of your yoga practice, is to prevent any negativity from penetrating your mind during practice.

COMMIT to an inner intention to silence your ego’s nagging that you might fail and should therefore never try.
BANISH from your thinking any negative notions related to your current capacity by breathing deeper and louder.

GLORIFY your efforts by just experiencing them – don’t give them values like good or bad, right or wrong. They simply “are”.
BLESS your every attempt – be your own cheerleader. Tell yourself “good job on that hard move”!
BE GRATEFUL that you have a body to move!

TRUST that the BENEFITS ARRIVE not matter the outward results.

by Mara Healy

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